Can you burn Cat Litter on a Log Burner?

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Can you use wood pellet cat litter in log burners?

With the rising costs in both Electric and Gas, we look at whether you can use cat litter as a fuel for your wood burner - and if you should?

Are Wood Pellets all the same for burning?

In short, Yes!  You can use Cat Wood Litter in your log burners, however, there are some disadvantages to doing so and issues may arise from using cat litter as your primary heating source.  Our research has shown that people are indeed snapping up the cat wood litter for use in their pizza ovens/log burners.  This article will help you understand the advantages, and disadvantages and how you can convert your existing log burner into a pellet burner if you decide to make the switch.

With the increase in energy costs, we are always looking for ways to not only reduce our carbon footprint but to reduce our everyday costs, especially during the winter periods.  For those unaware, Wood pellets are compressed sawdust that is most likely seen in cat litter boxes around the world.  Their super absorption properties are ideal for soaking up cat urine whilst managing to isolate the strong ammonia smell from surrounding areas.

Log Burner Fuel

Log burners have been around for many many years and are often the focal point for living rooms and outdoor spaces. With energy prices on the increase, It's only natural that owners are looking at alternative cheaper fuels.

The wood pellets you can purchase for your cat litter are manufactured with little to no food standards, unlike commercial wood pellets.   The wood used in cat litter wood pellets varies from batch to batch and offers no guarantees that it will maintain a flame in order to heat your living room (or pellet pizza ovens).

Differences between Cat Litter and Commercial Wood Pellets

Commercial grade wood pellets are designed for only one purpose - to burn, and with that comes a level of standard that is required to fulfil their obligations as a fuel.  When used for cooking (eg: Pizza Ovens), different types of pellets can add different types of aromas to enhance the taste of your food (like smoking meat etc).

It's also worth noting that you can't just fill your classic wood/log burner with pellets  (See Pellet Baskets below).

The article below tries to answer the question, can you use your cat litter wood pellets as an alternative to commercial wood pellets?

Questions about Cat Litter / Wood Burners

Do I need a special wood burner to use wood pellets?

Yes. You should only ever use wood pellets in a special pellet stove. Using any type of wood pellets in a non-pellet stove will cause irreversible damage to the stove due to the increased temperature due to the compacted wood pellets touching the walls of your burner.

You can add a Pellet Basket to your wood burner stove if you wish to use wood pellets in your standard log burner.

What are pellet baskets - can I use them in my wood burner stove?

Pellet baskets are small metal baskets that sit inside your wood burner where you place your pellets in before igniting. The plus side to these are the ability to use pellets in a non-pellet burner, but has the major disadvantage of reducing the total amount of fuel you are able to put inside your wood burner.

Is Cat Litter (wood litter) the same as wood pellets?

Generally speaking from our own research, the wood used in cat litter is very similar to specific wood burner pellets. The only real difference we found between "pellets for pellet burners" and "cat wood litter" is the branding, flavours and of coarse the price.

Cat litter is much cheaper, but as they are not specifically manufactured for pellet burners, the consistency of each bag of litter differs - you may even find some cat litter (wood lit) to be more like sawdust.

Do I need any lighter fluid when using cat litter for my wood burner?

Depending on the dryness of your cat litter wood pellets you may need to provide some lighter fluid to get the pellets burning. Our research suggests that commercial pellets for pellet burners do not require any starter liquid to "get things going". 

This really depends on the overall humidity of the location you are storing your cat litter. Wood pellets used for cat litter is designed to be highly absorbent, so storing your litter in damp places will render your wood litter useless if used for wood burners / pellet burners.

Can I dry out my used cat litter and then use in my log/pellet burner?

No. You should never try and light used cat litter in your wood burner. Cat urine / faeces is not only harmful to humans, but if you did try and burn it - it would absolutely stink. We're not sure why anybody would even want this answer, but it's a question we saw numerous times when researching this topic (DW).

Can I cook using cat wood litter?

Cooking using any high heat is possible depending on the stove you are using. Many commercial wood pellets can be used in Pizza ovens, and if our research proves anything - providing you are using clean cat wood litter in your pellet burner, you can use that to fuel a pizza oven or even heat a metal kettle.

Benefits of using Wood Cat Litter for Pellet Burners

Lets look at the advantages of using cat litter for your log/pellet burners

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Environmantally Friendly

Wood is a renewable fuel, and many companies will plant a tree for every tree they cut down will help the environment.

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Cost Effective - Save Money!

Wood cat litter pellets is much cheaper than commercial wood pellets saving money from the rising heating bills.

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Great for Cat litter boxes too!

As cat owners ourselves, we use wood litter for all 3 of our litter boxes - minimal dust and really helps keep the smells under control.

Disadvantages of Wood Litter for log burners

Wood cat litter might be cheaper to burn, but it comes with disadvantages

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It's Cat Litter

The same level of production standards will not be evident in wood litter compared to wood pellets specifically created for burning.   

The other thing to consider is many people will want wood pellets for their animals - so taking it off the shelf for burning will most likely upset cat owners.

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Burn Time / Lighting

Wood pellet cat litter was not designed to be burnt, so starting your stove might take longer, or in some cases not even burn at all.  

We've also noticed reviews on pet stores saying that cat litter wood pellets tend to stop burning after the lighter fluid has been burnt off.

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Wood Pellet Flavours

Cat litter can be made from many different trees, so you would not guarantee any flavour unlike commercial cooking wood pellets which can be purchased in a range of different flavours to suit your cooking.

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Pellet Basket in Wood Burner Stove

Adding a Pellet Basket to your wood burner

If you want to use cat wood pellet litter to your log burner you must first use a pellet basket. Pellet baskets are metal baskets where you can pour your cat wood litter to burn in normal log burners.

Their solid steel construction allows for the increased temperature generated by the cat wood litter pellets and will therefore not damage your existing log burner.

💡 Be sure to check the internal dimensions of your log burner to ensure the pellet basket fits without touching the sides.  You could damage your log burner if the basket is too large. 

Pellets for Wood / Pellet Burners

For those who do not want to use Wood Pellet Cat Litter

fuel for food pellet product image

Fuel for Food Pellets

100% Pure Wood Pellets

Made from different woods which adds additional flavour to your food/pizzas.

✔ Can be used in Pizza Stoves

✔ Multiple Flavours (Oak/Walnut etc)

✔ Easy to light 

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Blazers Fuel Pellets

100% Sustainable

High Performance large 15kg bag of wood pellets for use with pizza ovens & pallet BBQ's.

✔ 6mm for better burning

✔ Burns very clean

✔ Easy to light 

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Pizza Fuel Oven Pellets

Optimal Wood Fired Pizza Flavour

Fast burning wood pellets for wood pellet-fired pizza ovens with ultra-low CO2 output.

✔ 10kg Bags for easy storage

✔ ENPLUSA1 Food Standard

✔ Odorless Natural Pellets

Cat Litter Wood Pellets

Cat wood litter pellets can be purchased from your local pet shop or online

Smart Litter Wood Pellet cat litter product image

Smart Litter

100% Recycled Wood Fibre

Eco-friendly and suitable for small pets and cats.

✔ 10L Bag

✔ Manufactured in the UK

✔ Eco-Friendly

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CJ's Premium Cat Litter

No additives or Chemicals

Ultra-absorbent cat litter that doesn't stick to paws.

✔ 30L Bag

✔ Traps odours and smells fresh

✔ 100% Biodegradable

Fresh Paws Wood Cat Litter Product Image

Fresh Paws Cat Litter

100% British Softwood

Natural Pine scent with anti-microbial properties

✔ 5L /15L / 30L Bag sizes

✔ Fresh Pine Smell

✔ Super Absorbent