About us

How do you make money?

Let's get this one out of the way first.  We may provide links to products / services and earn a commission if somebody was to click and purchase.  We will not thrust links down your neck, nor will we sell your information for a quick sale.  

You really like research.... come on

Yep.  As funny as it sounds we love getting into the 'nitty gritty' about products and services.  Research doesn't always require a white lab coat and a degree in analytics - it can be as simple as reading reviews, and learning as much about a specific product / service.

Why Cats?  What about dogs?

We love all animals to be honest.  We have 4 x cats and 1 x dog.... and maybe lots of fish (indoor &outdoor)

How often will you update TidyX?

We're going to aim to finish a new article every week, but our main priority is to ensure the information that we release is always up to date and current.

Can you review / research my product / service?

Sure!  Drop us an email to info[at]tidyx.co.uk and we'll check it out!

I found an incorrect piece of information on your site

We're all human and sometimes mistakes do happen.  If you do notice anything that isn't quite correct, please contact us at info[at]tidyx.co.uk where we can get this resolved.

We're an open book - if you have a question, drop us an email.

Tell me more about TidyX

The Birth of our business

January 2003

Our business originally was formed as a merchandise company specialising in personalised clothing and gifts.  We started our journey purely selling on eBay, but swiftly moved away into our own websites where we built unique eCommerce solutions.

Web Design and Development Services

February 2009

With our original business selling merchandise still going strong we were pulled more into the development of websites for users wishing to set up their own websites selling anything from baby clothes, kites, engineering supplies... we made a lot of websites!

Research and Development

January 2018 - Today

As our business evolved, so did our services and we soon realised that many sites "promoting" products/services were either incredibly misleading or were only listing the positive sides of products. 

We'd performed huge amounts of research for our own business and customer businesses - and it turns out.. we're pretty good!