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TidyX is an independent product & service market research company specialising in honest buying advice and reviews.


We identify products or services that we want to further research.


We begin our research into the product or service and start to collate our findings into a handwritten article.


We prepare a list of questions collected from user reviews and our own analysis of the product/service.


During our research of the product/service, we collate the answers to the questions and add them to the article.

siamese kitten with wide open blue eyes

About Us

We love to research... yes it sounds incredibly boring - but everybody has those small inner passions - and research seems to be ours.

It's also worth noting... we love cats!

Our passion for online shopping and research has led to the birth of our product analysis website which you are viewing right now.

ihoverboard scooter product photo

iHoverboard Electric Hoverboard

5 Styles to choose from

We look over the iHoverboard electric hoverboard and outline each feature.

bio ethanol fireplace with flames

Replacing your electric fire with Bio-Ethanol

Environmentally Friendly?

We look at the benefits of Bio-Ethanol Fireplaces

cat with ears down sat with paws over stomach

Cat Litter for Pellet / Wood burner stoves

Save Money keep warm

We analyse the ability to use cat wood litter to keep you warm and reduce your energy costs.